Errors encountered during installation of CRM 2011 Beta

One can easily follow steps required during CRM 2011 Beta Installation if he reads implementation guide supplied by Microsoft.
I will note down here some errors and recommendations that I encountered and my personal conclusions.
CRM Installation is not a big deal.
1. Create a seperate container in Active Directory to keep CRM 2011 Users and Groups. That will help you troubleshooting and managing your CRM.
2. The first error I encountered was with SQL Server. Most of the errors you come to know when second-last step of setup i.e. Self check stage. 


This error caused due to OS on which the SQL Server was installed was x86.
This tell you need to have a x64 or 64 bit SQL Server.
3. Then I Installed SQL Server on a 64 bit Server. But the problem was the server was Threat Management Gateway. The Threat Management Gateway installs its database instances that run on port number 1433 named ISARS. When the self check was going on, It showed up with error that "Check SqlServerValidator : Failure: Could not connect to the following SQL Server: ''. Verify that the server is up and running and that you have SQL Server administrative credentials. "
Then I tried connecting to MSSQLSERVER i.e. default instance of SQL Server through SQL Server Management Studio. It got connected successfully. Then what was the problem.
Then I found out that the MSSQLSERVER instance and ISARS instance were listening to same port i.e. 1433.

Solution: Go to Start => All Programs => Microsoft SQL Server => Configuration Tools => SQL Server Configuration Manager.
Expand SQL Server Network Configuration in the left pane.
Click Protocols for MSSQLSERVER
Double click open TCP/IP in right hand pane.
Go to IP Addresses tab.
Verify that the instance is listening to port number 1433.
Repeat the process for other instances, but verify that other instances are using ports other than 1433.
My conclusion is To install CRM Server 2011 you need to run MSSQL instance on port number 1433 only.
No other instance should run on 1433.
Then Restart all the instances you have made changes to.

CRM Server self checkup should now be able to find your SQL Server instance.


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