Can not sign in automatically to Lync Server 2010.

I deployed a standalone Lync Server Standard 2010.
but When I was trying to sign in from client, I was unable to.
The error I was gettting :

" Can not sign in to Lync Server because the server is temporarily unavailable. If the problem continues, please contact your support team."

I verified that all the Lync Server Services on the server were up and running.

What I did was :
1. Open Lync 2010.
2. Go to Settings => Personal => Advanced.
3. Select Manual Configuration and add FQDN of Standard Edition Server.

and then tried again and it worked!

The client was unable to find the Lync Server automatically.
I solved the problem by adding a DNS record to service on Lync Server.

Just follow the steps on link below :

After you add entry, you should now be able to sign in to Lync Automatically.


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