Quick Configure RAID with IBM ServeRAID M5014

I recommend reading following before configuring RAID. If you know RAID concepts, you may continue.

Use this guide for detailed info about WebBIOS and Every other RAID Config:

Note: I was using IBM System x3650 M3 which has an in-built RAID Card. To install M5014 in x3650 M3, you need to remove the metal part that is attached to the Card.
After removing this, you need to Remove the inbuilt RAID card that is located right behind The hard disk bays inside the server. Remove the controller cables from the card, remove USB Hypervisor, Remove the card. Then install your brand new M5014, Plug the controller cables(Blue in my case) back into our new controller. Refer following for detailed diagrams:


Make sure everything is in place. Check cables, check disks and then fire up your server. Let the server show POST messages, then it will ask if you need to open BIOS Setup Menu, let it go on. Then it will ask to press Ctrl + H for WebBIOS. Let the WebBIOS open.
Then you will be asked to choose your controller card. Obviously its going to be your brand new M5014.
Now that you must be looking at your disks, physical/logical view. Before configuring RAID, you must make sure that each of the disk you want include in RAID must be in "Unconfig-Good" state.
If you have a fresh server install, then you may open "Configuration Wizard" from Left menu, and then clear existing configuration.
Now, I had 3 disks in my Server, all in good "Unconfig-Good" state. Then I ran "Configuration Wizard" => "New Configuration" => "Manual Configuration" => Selected Disks => Add to DG => Accept DG => Next => Add DG to span => Selected RAID 5 (Note:- RAID 5 requires you to have at least three disks.) => Save config.
Your server is now configured with RAID 5. You need to configure VDs now to proceed before installing your OS.


  1. I have an identical server, I set up exactly the raid 5 with 3 disks as you suggested. My question is: I turned off the server, pulled out a disk and tried to boot with only two discs, but the server did not initialize. I have to do some more configuration to work with only two disks.

    1. What additional configuration you mentioned was required to make it work?


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