Configure Ubuntu Server 11.04 as DHCP Server.

You may have problems while configuring DHCP Server on Ubuntu Server 11.04 because, configuration file locations of Ubuntu Server 11.04 differ from previous releases of Ubuntu. So /etc/dhcp3 directory does not exist in this release.
Run following command on Ubuntu Server 11.04 to install DHCP Server:

#sudo apt-get install dhcp3-server

This will install DHCP Server but will fail while starting service because its not initially configured.
You will have to mention what NIC it will use for DHCP Request handling.
You mention this in /etc/default/isc-dhcp-server:

# Defaults for dhcp initscript
# sourced by /etc/init.d/dhcp
# installed at /etc/default/isc-dhcp-server by the maintainer scripts

# This is a POSIX shell fragment

# On what interfaces should the DHCP server (dhcpd) serve DHCP requests?
#       Separate multiple interfaces with spaces, e.g. "eth0 eth1".
By editing INTERFACES="", you can mention NIC there. I've used eth0.

You can change DHCP Server Configuration by editing /etc/dhcp/dhcpd.conf from line number 52 like this:

# A slightly different configuration for an internal subnet.
subnet  netmask {
  option domain-name-servers ns1, ns2;
#  option domain-name "";
  option routers;
#  option broadcast-address;
  default-lease-time 600;
  max-lease-time 7200;

And then after you've configured the server, you start it by:
#/etc/init.d/isc-dhcp-server start


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