5 Things you can do to make your android efficient...

Google android is becoming more and more popular these days.
Me and many of my friends have already started using android. I have seen some android users are experiencing lags while opening applications, menus etc.

Here is what I do to keep my android good and healthy :

1. Try Installing a Third Party Home Replacement application that uses least memory and CPU :

Home replacement application is a application is the thing what you see when you press home button on your android. Every Manufacturer including Samsung, LG, HTC etc. Have their own homes in their phones. You can install a Third Party Home Replacement Application that is lightweight. Most important thing is You have to use it without any customization. Some of home replacement apps are OpenHome, iHome, aHome, ADW Launcher etc. If you feel these applications are heavier than your original manufacturer Home Screen, then revert settings back to Home. GO Launcher, ADW Laucher are lightweight Home Screen Replacements if you configure them properly.

2. Analyze running processes and shut them down if necessary :

There are many processes running in background that consume RAM in your phone and may cause slow performance. You can view and stop running system services in Settings => Applications => Running Services.
I usually stop following services :
PlaybackService (From DI Radio)
File Expert
Yahoo Messenger

3.  Clear RAM with Task Manager :

Most probably you must be now using Android 2.2 Froyo.
Android 2.2 Froyo has a built in Task Manager application which help you in clearing RAM that kills background processes and frees up RAM.
WARNING! Check that you have no important work going on in the background before clearing memory.

4. Disable Live Wallpapers :

Live wallpapers obviously occupy GPU Memory. When your GPU is up, it starts consuming CPU Usage. This will surely slow down your phone. It also needs to keep itself loaded with textures in RAM so that when you switch to your home, it should show up quickly.

5. Use minimum required or no widgets :

Widgets are also battery and data consuming, depends upon which widget you are using. Background Data is good thing to keep your phone updated, depends on how frequently you use widgets. I keep following widgets off my screen, always :
Youtube (CPU Consuming on startup)
Buddies Now(Samsung Phones)


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