Microsoft Dynamics CRM asks repeatedly for credentials.

Recently I installed Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 successfully.
Then when I tried to access the CRM Website, with
It asked me for credentials.
Actually it was supposed to log in automatically with currently logged on user on domain.

This happens due to problem in authentication method in IIS.
To troubleshoot this, I did a workaround and got it working.

1. Go to IIS Manager using inetmgr.
2. Expand tree and Click on Microsoft Dynamics CRM Website.
3. In the Features View, Double Click Authentication.
4. Select "Windows Authentication" and Click "Providers" in right hand pane.
5. Inside Providers dialogue box, Remove all except NTLM and click Ok.

Now your CRM website should not ask for your credentials anymore, provided you are logged on same domain in which CRM is installed.


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