Publishing an FTP Filezilla Server with TMG

I wanted to publish a FTP Server on our internal network for some instant file transfers. I chose Filezilla as I was using windows.

Quickly configuring file transfer :
After installing filezilla, 
Settings to do on Filezilla :
1. choose port you want server to be Run at Edit => Settings => General Settings => Listen on this port. Default is 21.
2. Create a User in Filezilla Server.
3. Add a home directory and give permissions.

Settings to do on TMG :
1. Firewall Policy => Right pane => Tasks => Publish non web server protocols.
2. Type name => Type internal FTP Server on which you have filezilla server installed on => Select protocol FTP Server => Click button ports => If you want to change port that TMG listens on, change the default port. => Select networks External.
3. Important : Right click on newly created FTP Rule => Select "Configure FTP" and uncheck Read Only.

Connecting from Filezilla or any other FTP Client:
Give TMG Public External ip followed by port number 21 or if you've configured any other.
Give username.
Upload data.

Refer this for help :


  1. Finally! The 'read only' step was the vital part I was missing.
    Thanks for the excellent tip!


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