Find pid in Solaris 10

If you do not know the pid of a process, you can use "pidof" command in Linux. In case of Solaris, its not available.

Here's how you can find it:

 #ps -ef | grep nscd | grep -v grep | cut -c12-19

Here, it will find the pid of nscd. the cut command will cut characters from 12 to 19 from output of 'ps -ef' command.
 #ps -ef | grep nscd | grep -v grep | awk '{print $2}'
Here, we use awk to print second column of ps.


  1. Not working, will also output PIDs of any commandline call containing (in this case) "nscd", e.g. as a parameter or part of the full command.

  2. Dear,

    I found my way: change /etc/init.d/mysql in Solaris-10

    echo `pgrep mysqld | tr '\n' ' '` > /tmp/
    mysqld_pid=`cat /tmp/`
    #mysqld_pid=`pidof $libexecdir/mysqld`
    rm -rf /tmp/ > /dev/null 2>&1



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