Swapping your droid device with your Friend's!

Ever wondered why Android devices are better than any apple devices running iOS? There are many reasons, I have got one more for you. You can easily swap your devices by just performing following procedure.

Checklist before swapping your phone/tablet with your friend's:
1. Make sure you backup all your SD Card data by connecting it to PC before performing any of the steps below.
2. Make sure you have at least 1 GB of free space on your SD Card.
3. Make sure you have >30% of battery remaining. Its better to keep on AC charging.

What is recommended?
1. To have your contacts synced up with your Google Account.
2. Root.
3. Clockworkmod Recovery.
4. Not all Phone apps work with Tabs and vice versa. Its better to swap a phone with a phone and tablet with a tablet.

What this article does not cover?
1. Understanding what is android.
2. What is root and how to do it?
3. What is Clockworkmod, how do I install it and who is Koush? (BTW he's the  developer of CWM)
4. Backing up your system settings like "Saved WiFi networks","Ringtone and Volume settings" etc. It is neither recommended and does not always work.

Here is a simple swap process:
1. Backup Device1, Device2.... Devicen using backup flowchart below.
2. Connect devices to computer. Copy all files from SD Card of each device to a folder on your PC.
3. WARNING! MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL YOUR DATA BACKED UP! Now Format your device. To do this, go to Settings => Privacy => Factory Data Reset. Make sure you also format the USB Storage.
4. Restore is simply inverted backup process. Just copy the data you have backed up to SD Card and then restore it using respective apps. That's it!
5. Make your iPhone friends jealous after buying me a chocolate.


Download and Install "Titanium Backup" from Google Play. Grant it root access  when it asks for. Then backup your apps using screens below.

Titanium Backup Creates a folder "/mnt/sdcard/Titanium Backup" and stores its backups in it. You can use Cloud Services to store your data too if you purchase the app.

Contacts are backed up with Google Account automatically. If this is not happening with you, you must check sync options.
When you add any new contacts to the phone, they should be chosen to store on your "Google Account" and not "Phone" or "SIM". Also, the Contacts sync option must be checked in Settings=>Accounts and Sync to make sure they sync with Google Servers.
However, if you do not wish to sync contacts with Google, there are plenty other options available.
I recommend using "Super Backup" search for "com.idea.backup.smscontact" in Google Play.

You can use "Super Backup" mentioned above to backup Call Logs too.
As other option, I've been using "Call Logs Backup and Restore" "com.riteshsahu.CallLogBackupRestore" since a Year and its good.

You can use "Super Backup" mentioned above to backup SMS too. As other option, I've been using "SMS Backup and Restore" "com.riteshsahu.SMSBackupRestore" since a Year and its good.

I am not pretty sure about backing up apps with data in non rooted phones. Use "MyBackup" "com.rerware.android.MyBackup" to backup apps. However I haven't tested it.

Root process varies with devices. You can search Google simply like "root HTC One X". Still, If you are unable to find it, just drop me a comment below with device model, I would love to search it for you.

Restoring is as simple as Backup. This is pretty straightforward, usually, every app that you used for backup, creates a folder with its name and its files and directories in it. You just have to copy them to respective device and restore it.


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