Solaris 10 Static IP Network configuration guide

This is pretty simple task. Although some find it difficult because it is different from other Linux distributions.

To configure Solaris 10 network interface in Local files mode, you must first remove the file /etc/dhcp.interface (for ex. /etc/dhcp.e1000g0), then you have to configure six files.


In /etc/nodename, you must specify your name of the server/host.

#cat /etc/nodename

The interface names in solaris include ce, hme, bge, e1000g etc. So, if you have an interface called e1000g0 there should be a file named /etc/hostname.e1000g0 In this file, you must specify network configuration information such as IP address, netmask etc.

#cat /etc/hostname.e1000g0 netmask
#cat /etc/hostname.qfe0 netmask

The /etc/inet/hosts file serves as local file name resolver. It resolves hostnames, log hosts etc. You can specify any number of hosts associted with IP addresses in it. You must specify hostname of you system in it.

#cat /etc/inet/hosts
# Internet host table
::1          localhost    localhost loghost solarisbox1   solarisbox1 solarisbox1   solarisbox2

For Solaris 10 11/06 and earlier releases, you must keep /etc/inet/ipnodes updated.

# vi /etc/inet/ipnodes myhost

The /etc/defaultdomain file specifies nothing other than FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) of the System.

#cat /etc/defaultdomain

The /etc/defaultrouter file specifies your default router (or gateway) details.

#touch /etc/defaultrouter
#echo >> /etc/defaultrouter

This will help you progress towards basic interface configuration in Solaris 10.
This article refers Oracle Documentation and is made in simple format to help newbies to configure network interface quickly.
For more information see:
Solaris 10 System Administration Guide: IP Services


  1. Thank you so much for posting this. This was exactly what I needed.

  2. Hi Thanks for this info but after doing this if i reboot my VM IP is no more present on the VM once it is rebooted. do you know any way how can we make ip persistent on solaris 10

    1. Did you remove /etc/dhcp.interface file (for ex. /etc/dhcp.e1000g0) ? You must remove it for static configuration to stay.

  3. These are static network information and code if we need some dynamic IP or VOIP system code then what i do or changes in upper code.

    voip line Toronto

  4. Is there any way to configure the proxy in Solaris 10 Sparc text?

  5. Straight forward and good file to reference for process


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