Making you SD card work with your Ubuntu / Linux Laptop or Desktop

You insert you SD card in your Ubuntu PC and it simply does not work. Most probably your kernel has not loaded module required for recognizing your SD card.

You must run all commands in this post as root.
[Optional] : To run commands as root run command "sudo su root" and to switch user as root.

First check if your PC detects the SD Card controller.
For that run command
lspci | grep -i sd

  root@ubuntu:~# lspci | grep -i sd   
  23:00.1 System peripheral: JMicron Technology Corp. SD/MMC Host Controller (rev 30)   
  23:00.2 SD Host controller: JMicron Technology Corp. Standard SD Host Controller (rev 30)   

As you can see above, my PC recognised JMicron SD Card controller.

To make your OS load module for SD Card controller, simply run these commands.

  root@ubuntu:~# echo tifm_sd >> /etc/modules   
 root@ubuntu:~# echo mmc_block >> /etc/modules   

And then reboot. Your OS should recognise your SD card.


  1. It worked for me, although I keep seeing the "mmc0: error -123 whilst initializing SD card" message on dmesg and it works from time to time, randomly. I mean it works only after inserting, then removing, then re-inserting the SD card several times. Anyway thanks for the very helpful tip!

  2. You don't need to reboot - just use "modprobe tifm_sd" and "modprobe mmc_block" commands.

  3. Hi, I have the same two lines output as you and I ran the commands as root but I still can't read my SD card. Have you an other idea ?


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